*** No Leakage Hydraulic Valves ***


・"No Leakage Hydraulic Valves" are manufactured by "Fuji Engineering Co.,Ltd." since 1971.
 By Spherical Poppet, "No leakage" is guaranteed. All valves are tested before shipping.
・Very high pressure up to 70MPa.
・Prompt shipment from stock.
・Very fast response of the valves, due to "Dry type solenoids".
 Fits the "positioning" of actuators, "emergency stop" etc.
・Wide variety of use.
・Manufactured, assembled and tested in Japan

Our products:
  Lift valve, Model:LVSO-303 etc. (previous Model: LVS3- LVS1- )
 2way Shut-off valve, MODEL:LVSH-20 etc. (LVS2- )
 3way valve, MODEL:LVSH-50 (LVS5- )
 4way, New Logic Valve (Internal Pilot-operated) Model:LOG-
 fuse valve (emergency valve), Model: EM- (AS-)

 Company profile :
 Company name: FUJIMEC CO.,LTD. (= a sales company)
 Address: 2-25-9, Toyotama-kami, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, 176-0011 Japan.
 TEL: +81-3-5912-1130
 FAX: +81-3-3993-1126
 E-mail: fujivalve@aol.com